donderdag 2 februari 2012

P2 - Artful with stamping nail art

P2 is a brand I usually buy in Germany, but I recently saw them at our local drug store too, yay! They were a bit more expensive, but not too much. Still around €2,25 for one bottle. And... I'm definitely gonna buy some more! To be honest, I haven't used a lot of the polishes I bought in Germany, but I should have. There's nothing to complain about. The application is flawless, it's perfectly smooth, two coats is enough and the colour is GREEN! 

So tomorrow there is some kind of a sports day at our school. I'm not really a sports fan, so I enrolled myself for Wii games, lol.. And tonight I was looking for a new nail art design, so I decided to use this one. It looks like.. A game or something, right? Anyway, I stamped with SN Red, and the plate is BM-204. 

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