donderdag 5 januari 2012

Essence Crystalliced Limited Edition: Swatches & Review

Last week, I went to Germany and I picked up Essence's newest trend edition called 'Crystalliced'. A perfect winter collection, if you ask me. So, this is what Essence says about this new trend edition: 

''chilly cold weather, dancing snowflakes and ice crystals sparkling on your window… that’s why we love the winter! with the new trend edition "crystalliced"essencecaptures this breathtaking spectacle of nature in january and february 2012 to conjure-up frosty, cool styles sure to make the hearts of all ice princesses beat a little bit faster! delicate pastel shades, subtle shimmer effects and cool textures turn the winter into the most beautiful time of year – at least as far as your make-up is concerned!''

To be honest, I kind of forgot about this collection. Not because they didn't appeal to me at first sight, but because I was focused at their 'Circus Circus!' trend edition, which I can't seem to get my hands on. I was happily surprised when I saw this trend edition and bought them all. 
So let's go on to the pictures: 

01 It's A Snow-womans World
These kind of colors have never really been my taste. 
It's a grey shade with a very subtle shimmer. This 
shimmer is barely visible. I applied two coats.

02 Ice Crystals On My Window
This one was quite sheer, so I applied three coats. 
I have to say I don't really care about the sheerness,
since it's really pretty. It has this coral shimmer in it.
I'm not even sure if this can be called shimmer.. 
It's like it has micro flakies in it, I love it. 

03 Iced Age Reloaded
A taupe shade with lots of fine shimmer in it. 
Nothing special, I think it looks very natural. This is
two coats.

04 Ice Eyes Baby
This is my favourite. The colour seems to shift between
grey and light blue and it has this pink shimmer in it, 
it's really gorgeous. This also was two coats.

05 Frosted Champaign
I wore this at a new year's party. I wanted to wear
something more festive, but I decided to wear this one
anyway, because it matched my clothes and I wanted 
to try it out! I think they picked the perfect name for
this, because of the gold shimmer it has. 

I think this is perfect for winter, but I wouldn't wear this all year long. The formula was a bit too runny if you ask me, but it's not unmanageable. You get an 8 ml bottle for €1,79. Not too bad, is it?

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