zondag 22 januari 2012

Nubar - Reclaim and my jewellery for prom

Today I'm showing you a gorgeous green prismatic polish called 'Reclaim'. It's from Nubar and it's part of their Going Green collection. What can I say? Green is my favourite color, and a whole collection full of green with lots of different finishes... Me likey. I want them ALL! It's the perfect collection for every green lover. Application is perfect, this is a two coater. 

In about three or four weeks, there will be... Prom. Everybody around me is making a big deal out of it, and they're all buying insanely expensive dresses which cost hundreds of euro's. It may sound weird, but that's just not me. Why would I spend so much money on a dress I will be wearing just once, or maybe twice? Anyway, I bought a dress for less! I will save the pictures of the dress for later, but I do already have some pictures of the jewellery I will be wearing with it. 

This is the necklace I will be wearing. I decided I wanted to have a short necklace (I'm used to long necklaces) and that it had to be black. You see, my dress is black with blue.. But I didn't want to wear any blue jewellery, because I want to keep it subtle. 

And then this ring. I think it matches the necklace perfectly, I can't wait to wear them together. I'm also pretty sure about wearing black nail polish, but I'm still not sure about whether to combine this with a blue stamping design or a marble design, for example. 

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