zondag 29 januari 2012

Swatching my Art De Lautrec collection

So, today I decided to swatch my Art De Lautrec collection. I don't think this is a well-known brand, but they actually make pretty good prismatic glitter polishes, and also some creams and duochromes. 

41. I first thought this was just a plain, brown cream, but it it appears to have shimmer in it. It was a bit sheer, three coats for this one. 

46. A brown shimmer with flakies which unfortunately don't really show up in the picture. Two coats.

51. So this is the duochrome I was talking about. A purple shimmer with a violet duochrome-effect. Three coats.

60. A pretty purple cream, two coats.

01B. A purple glitter I purchased second hand, glad I got it! These are three coats. 

04B. A gorgeous black holographic polish! I love this one. Two coats. 

05B. A red holographic glitter. Two coats. 

07B. A brown holographic glitter, another stunner. 

10B. Silver holographic glitter. I applied one coat over two coats of black, because it totally doesn't offer any coverage when applied on it's own. 

13B. And last but not least: a pink linear holographic polish. The holographic effect is not very strong, but it is definitely there. Two coats. 

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