donderdag 1 maart 2012

Catherine Arley - 806 and my new snake ring

Sorry for not blogging for a while, I was busy doing.. Yeah, well, doing what actually? I guess I just wasn't into blogging for a short time. I did have my prom last week, which was less fun than I had expected. I might spend another post on that soon, where I'll also show a picture starring me wearing my dress. 

So today I got this ring as a present from my mom, I love it, especially the small details on the snake's head. It remembers me of a holiday in Australia with my parents when I was about three years old and we were going to some kind of zoo where they were showing the audience some kind of dangerous snake. Everybody took a step back, except for me, I just kept standing there in front of the snake, staring at it, lol. 

Anyway, I found this at my local drugstore, that was kind of a surprise.. I also looked at some other jewellery they have, and some of it is pretty interesting so I might go back some time. 

Then I was just playing around with some polishes and I found this Catherine Arley jewel which I've never worn before. I think it goes pretty well with my new ring, don't you? 

I bought this second hand from someone who apparently didn't want it anymore. I should just buy a bunch of them on Ebay, but I'm such a coward when it's about those things... So I bought this from someone who lives in my country. 

So this is #806, a pretty bronze color. It leans more towards orange when the holographic effect is visible, but I would still describe the colour as bronze.The application was great, I love the brush. I applied two coats, but three coats would have probably been better. In real life, there is this visible nail line, but this is kind of invisible in my picture because all the holoness is going on. 


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